Working as a manufacturer’s rep, M. Kenneth Morse faced mounting frustration when the products he sold were continuously plagued with backorders and slow delivery. To align his standards with what he was selling to customers, The M. K. Morse Company was born in 1963 in Canton, Ohio, USA.

M. K. himself began manufacturing saw blades – all proudly made in the USA – to ensure his customers got the quality and fast delivery times the industry had been lacking. These priorities remain tenants of the business today – 60 years later – and have helped turn the ideals of M. K. into a global manufacturing powerhouse serving more than 80 countries worldwide.

M. K. and his wife, Marie, built the company from the ground up while raising three daughters. A World War II Navy fighter pilot and a math major in college, M. K. prided himself on delivering on his word and understanding the financial complexities of balancing a successful business.

Manufacturing started with hack saw blades and one-piece hole saws and has grown over the years to include industrial and portable band saw blades and accessories, reciprocating saw blades and circular saw blades – all of which are developed in our global manufacturing facility that still calls Canton, Ohio, home.

M. K. led his company for 33 years until his death in 1996, and saw it grow from a business first housed in his family garage to a more than 500,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art operation with nearly 500 employees globally.

Today, Morse is led by M. K.’s two daughters, Nancy Morse Sonner and Sally Morse Dale, and the value of family is at the heart of every employee and customer relationship. The third generation of M. K.’s family, Lisa Dale Holbrook and Meagan Sonner-Martino, work side-by-side with Nancy and Sally to ensure the company will remain family owned and carry the same values for generations to come.

It starts with Morse. Proud to be made in the USA.

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Company History Timeline

1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s


Oct. 22, 1963 – The M. K. Morse Company is founded by M. Kenneth Morse

Production of hacksaws and bi-metal hole saws begins


“Real McCoy,” the industry’s first one-piece hole saw, is patented


Jan. 26, 1980

Morse’s manufacturing facility is destroyed in a fire



Start to manufacture bi-metal composite


United Kingdom Distribution and Weld Center opens


West Coast Distribution and Weld Center opens


Founder M. Kenneth Morse passes away


QuikSilver band saw blade line is released



“Band Man” technical support team is launched


Master Cobalt recips and Independence band saw blades are released

Metal Devil line of tungsten carbide tipped metal cutting circular saw blades released


Metal Devil applied product specialists hit the road


Metal Devil blade manufacturing begins in the USA


Morse creates Industrial and Commercial sales divisions


M-Factor carbide tipped band saw blades are released

Revolution thin-kerf cermet circular saw blades for production cutting are released

Metal Devil circular saws are launched

Metal Devil blades for cutting steel studs and stainless steel are released


The Morse Achiever bi metal band saw blade line is expanded

M-Factor manufacturing expands to include case hardened and general purpose blades

Challenger structural band saw blades are released



Next generation of Metal Devil steel cutting blades is released


Diamond Grit hole saws and reciprocating saw blades released


Fast Adapt QR Quick Change hole saw arbor system released

Metal Devil NXT Aluminum blade released

Market channels expanded to include Specialty Division with focuses on plumbing, electrical, retail, and national accounts

India warehouse and weld center moved to Pune, partner with Fine Dies and Molds


Metal Devil 6 ½” cordless saw blades for cutting steel, stainless steel, and aluminum released

811 portable band saw blades released


Metal Devil NXT metal cutting 7” and 9” circular saws released

Reciprocating saw blade line-up released

Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters released


New Bi-Metal Hole Saw released

CTR carbide tipped recip blades released


M-Factor GES band saw blades released

Maverick band saw blade released



Jawbreaker band saw blade released


Switchback step drill released

Revolution FS industrial circular saw blade released

Kraken carbide tipped hole saw released

Founder Marie B. Morse passes away


Metal Devil 4th generation blades released

Tooth Brush released



Morse acquires UK warehouse and welding center

Morse India celebrates 10 years

Feed Rate Monitor released