Surface finish and straight cuts make the difference between fittings that seat properly and those that won’t hold over time. Morse has cutting solutions that are versatile to tackle all the materials you encounter, while also delivering fast and accurate cuts. Get the job done right the first time so you can move efficiently on to the next.


  • Mild steel
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Cast iron
  • Unistrut
  • All-thread (threaded rod)
  • Plastic
  • PVC
  • Ceramic
  • Mirror/Glass
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Why Morse?

  • Get a burr-free finish for less rework, improved seating
  • Versatile cutting options tackle all materials encountered in the field
  • Fast, accurate cuts
  • Recips options for both roughing in applications when finish isn’t an issue, and for a smoother finish for fittings