Morse SParc is available as an option for 2/3 and coarser TPI band saw blades on the following products

  • M-Factor® GES
  • M-Factor® GP
  • Independence® EXS
  • Independence® II
  • Maverick®


Up to 25% Larger Material

can be cut with the same blade

Up to 20% Faster Cutting

Up to 20% Longer Life

 Engineered in to the blade, SParc® Technology employs a vibration assisted cutting action. This technology creates a rocking motion so tips move from cutting the material to rising out of the cut and then back in to the material. This extends the size range a blade can cut when compared to the same blade without the technology. It also allows for higher feed rates, cutting faster to deliver higher production. Extended blade life is another benefit of this technology.

Exaggerated to illustrate blade feature and cutting action.